We think you will enjoy the quality and value of our natural gas pipe installation for your home or business.
For Inside projects within walls and attics – we use both 1) Black Iron Pipe (BIP) ,as well as, 2) Corrugated Stainless Steel (CSST) Pipe depending on the floorplan of your home.
For Outdoor / underground trench installations, we use Polyethelene (PE) plastic pipe with galvanized metal fittings for stub-up above the ground. The same material Southwest Gas uses for their infrastructure system.
The cost estimate of the job will depend on:
-meter size
-piping length, size, and material
-and BTU consumption of the existing and proposed appliances on natural gas system.
We here at Simply Better Plumbing are anxious to be part of your next gasline project. Plumbing and Piping Installation decisions do not have to be complex -nor- stressful… We specialize in gas supply lines and best practices to ensure your project meets all codes, passes inspection if you are permitting, and
We have over 33 years of plumbing experience, and if you could give us a call we can go over what would have to be done in your individual case and provide you with a customized free estimate (100% no charge to you whatsoever).